Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho HOLY CRAP the Holidays are here?

I realize that I have not been a good blogger lately – let’s face it, I stink at it.  I committed myself to this project and I pretty much gave up for a month or two.  Since I’m a good Catholic girl I believe in confession and moving on. So, I confess to getting a life.  Yep, I got one! I no longer sit at home sipping my coffee and dreaming up something witty to post on my blog or as a facebook update. 

Now a days I’m working full time at a pretty great social service agency, waitressing on the weekends, being a full time single mom and trying to throw in a date now and again.  I’ve pretty much given up wine nights out with the girls, I have no resemblance of a tan, and my jeans are too tight because I haven’t run or seen the inside of a gym in weeks.

In the middle of me getting a life, getting a few jobs and trying to recreate a social life I missed the holiday cheer.  All of a sudden Christmas snuck up on me. Usually I’m the one decorating the office Christmas tree, planning the cookie baking parties and sending out holiday cards. Somewhere in the middle of working and my little man’s school and all of the other day to day stuff I forgot about the holiday.  Sure, I know it is coming, but let’s be honest, Costco and Wal-Mart have been telling me Christmas is coming since August – kind of like Peter and the Wolf if you ask me.  However this time the Wolf is here, knocking on my door and I just hope he is carrying the Heely’s I purchased last night on because those suckers better be under the tree this week!

Always being one to look at the bright side of things, I dedicated last weekend (my one free weekend with my little man) to ALL things Christmassy.  We ice skated, observed the 100 foot Christmas tree, watched a ton of holiday specials, visited Santa, baked cookies, shopped for presents, wrapped presents, drank hot cocoa, slept in our holiday pjs and helped the less fortunate. 

So, who says that you need a month, or a week to prepare for your Christmas cheer?   I say, let’s cram it all into one weekend and blow it out!  And my Christmas wish for 2012?  A personal assistant – I mean, someone needs to send out my holiday cards next year!